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CBD Oil for Pets:The Complete Guide

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

In this guide, get the full spectrum view on organic CBD Oil for dogs helping with things such as pain, anxiety, seizures, digestion and much more thanks to these incredible compounds found in non-psychoactive hemp plants. These plants that are grown, harvested and processed (using a CO2 extraction) in Colorado, are specifically designed to capture cannabidiol (CBD) full potential of healing without intoxicating our pets. We will help you understand when it should be used, what the effects of CBD Oil can be, how to administer CBD Oil effectively and why CBD Oil is good for Dogs. All while we examine the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and its role in promoting health. But first, learn why a company that manufactures natural chews and treats is investing in CBD oil for pets and its overall impact on your dog's well-being.

Close to Home

"Close to home, in our very own office, before our entrance into the world of CBD oil for pets, we started to see a few companies dip their toes in the mass market, but we didn't think much else other than we were glad to see more alternative products become available to the average pet parent. At around this time, we started seeing unusual behavior from our aging, 'mama-dog' of the office, Gracie. These behaviors can be described as very robotic and stiff movements followed by a cowering/unsure body language. We considered what the problem might, be with concern, like any pet parent would. It might be a pinched nerve, a muscle/tissue injury or a reaction to something. Gracie was having seizures that immobilized and debilitated. In all of our combined years, as pet parents, we never had a dog suffer from seizures, so this is all new and unknown for us.

The stents would happen for about a minute and, when first noticed, were only happening once every couple months. We didn't see an immediate need to use something that will specifically help with seizures because of the infrequency between stents. Subsequently, the time between episodes soon began to close its gap. Gracie started to have them every week, as if, what ever was causing them, had worsened. This was our call to action, only feeding a holistic raw diet would not be sufficient enough to help Gracie with this specific problem. Raw feeding will bring many health benefits but it will only contribute when feeding is sustained over long periods of time. With new discoveries empowering the evidence that CBD dramatically helps people suffering from seizures raises pragmatic evidence that CBDs will translate to the pet industry in the same way. Introducing CBD tinctures and CBD dog treats in recent years has proven the same effects translate to our pets in a mass market. The studies, signs and testimonies make it clear and concise as to what this product can do when used correctly. We immediately started administering CBD to Gracie's diet and with great relief, Gracie hasn't had a seizure but one time within the first week. It has been since Sept. of 2016 since Gracie's last episode, and we give complete gratitude for the hemp plant. It's what we believe to be the future of how we treat disease and dysfunction in the body. And to think, we have barely scratched the surface, excites us and everyone involved in the budding industry."        -Founder, Erik Johnson

The Grand Re-introduction of Hemp

Cannabidiol is catching attention of the veterinary and medical world. Ironically, most of the world has been utilizing the wonderful effects of the hemp plant for centuries. It has been overlooked by western, modern medicine rendering this special compound inaccessible by most people and their pet counterparts. There have been studies conducted for decades by scientists and medical professionals alike showing promising almost 'mystical' benefits for the subjects involved in the tests.

Most likely, you have seen or heard about CBD Oil helping dogs with anxiety or someone had used it with their senior dog for pain and noticed dramatic improvements. We even see dogs miraculously loosen and pass cancerous tumors while taking CBD oil. Is it all a coincidence? Nature doesn't work on coincidence, nature works on intent and we believe that utilizing nature with the right intent, will only produce harmonious results. Results can be seen in some of these noticeable/tangible examples but Cannabidiol (CBD) serves us in ways that we cannot visibly measure.

What pet parents that dose CBD won't see is how the mechanics of the body can heal and re-calibrate itself to homeostasis (the point at which the body's natural tendency is to reach a condition of balance and equilibrium within the internal environment, even when faced with external changes). So keep in mind, if a symptom your dog has doesn't correct itself immediately after using, does not mean that it's not working. There may be deeper, root issues to the visible problem that the CBD Oil is correcting. Give it time to work. The compound has a natural intent to balance the body, not immediate relief for symptoms.

The beautiful aspect of using a bio-available/bio-accessible product is the ability to see faster results because of it's automatic recognition for the cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoids can easily pass the brain blood barrier, establishing immediate response from the body and how to go about using it.  Results for each individual case will vary. There are not any 'one size fits all' solutions with Cannabidiol. We can only recommend specific dosing structures if we knew more about each individual dog's health history. That is why it is still best to consult medical professionals that have a better understanding of your pet's whole health - past and present.

With scientific studies and home testimonials perpetuating the recognition of CBD and other cannabinoids, we will continue discovering evidence that these compounds have an undeniable truth that will not only re-introduce their presence, but will preposition their role in promoting health in the future.

When to use CBD for dogs

When is the best time to use CBD oil? This will always be a subjective answer depending on your beliefs in preventative care. Typically, we will only seek medical care when we see a symptom unveil. Too many times, we hear, "if you started addressing the problem sooner...". Unfortunately, we have yet to find a way to definitively understand what dogs are telling us. This is especially true when it comes to internal discomforts or problems. Here are a few indications of when is a good time to use CBD oil: *Note: CBD oil will metabolize and be utilized differently for each individual dog so do not expect that the following will be cured by full spectrum CBD oil, but based on anecdotal evidence there is a good chance it can help.*

  1. visibly lethargic/gaining weight

  2. skin rash (usually due to toxin build up)

  3. stiffness in movement (usually due to inflammation is joints)

  4. after a surgery (consult vet when other medications are being used)

  5. after long strenuous activity

  6. visible anxiety (tail tucked, a lot of yawning or lip smacking)

  7. seizures

  8. constipation

  9. visible fatty tumors

  10. known personal phobias to the dog (fireworks, storms, being alone)

All of these types of symptoms are signs that there are internal, physical or mental imbalances in the body. There is nothing wrong with utilizing the benefits of CBD oil when you do not see any visible symptoms. Preventative care is recommended for breeds that have shown to be more susceptible to the mentioned symptoms, above. Maybe, for your already healthy and happy pup, you can administer CBD oil into the diet periodically. If anything, it will help strengthen the immune and nervous system, while helping aid in digestion.

Effects of CBD Oil on Dogs

What are the effects of CBD Oil on dogs? This is a complicated question and will require us to fully understand how it works and flows through the body. First, you should know the basics of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  Scientifically put, this is a network of endogenous lipid- based retrograde nerotransmitters that bind to canabinoid receptors. In lament terms, this means that this complex system is responsible for directing the cannabinoids, like CBD, to their targeted destination by receiving information from the bound canabinoid receptors throughout the body.

The ECS is found in mammals, including humans and our warm blooded, furry pets where it flows through the central nervous system (including the brain) and into the peripheral nervous system. The periperal nervous system acts as the relay from the central nervous system and is defined by the system of nerves that go out to all the organs and tissues separate from the spinal cord and brain.

This means that, cannabinoids have a significant effect on our bodies in many different ways. It is naturally apart of our anatomy and our pet's anatomy. Between testimonials from our customers and customers of other reputable CBD companies you will read that full spectrum CBD oil may lead to some of the following tangible/visible effects. *Note: CBD oil will metabolize and be utilized differently for each individual dog so do not expect that the following will happen, but based on anecdotal evidence there is a good chance.*

  1. visibly more energy compared to no energy before

  2. more controlled and calm energy for regularly hyperactive dogs

  3. appetite increases 

  4. more bowel movements

  5. less anxiety in situations where anxiety was prevalent

  6. drinking more water

  7. better sleep

  8. less shedding

  9. improved cardiovascular activity

  10. movement becomes easier and more fluid

All of these outcomes are controlled by the endocannabinoid system and all we need to do is supply the body with a little extra than what is naturally produced to start seeing real effects. We would touch on negative effects if there were any established with consumption of CBD. Just make sure that you are using CBD products, like ours, that are containing under .03%  THC (psychoactive compound) and grown organically with a healthy binder like organic coconut oil. Enjoy watching nature work her unseen magic.

How to Administer CBD Oil

Supplementing CBD Oil is great, now how much, in what form and where? Dosing has been a grey area for humans and for pets as there is not a definitive answer. At this point, trial and error is your best dosing solution. There are new and amazing discoveries happening all the time with cannabinoids working in the ECS that might one day help us better prescribe dosing for individual pets. Until then, our general recommendation is to apply 2mg of CBD Oil per every 10 pounds of pet.

Tools/Medians to Administer the CBD Oil

First identify your intent behind giving your pet CBD Oil. If you are using it as a preventive measure and as a plant-based supplementation, than you have options in the way you present the Cannabinoids. There are tinctures available that make is easy to administer high doses, usually applied orally. There are also treats and chews that have predetermined doses. If your dog has a difficult time letting you put anything in its mouth that doesn't look like food, this might be your easiest route. Depending on the treat you use, your dog can get other health benefits alongside the multitude of benefits cannibinoids present. Using CBD as a preventative gives you the option to apply doses below what is recommended, making the treats and chews an easy and noninvasive tool. You also have the option to use topical ointments or creams that have CBD mixed in. Skin is an organ and most definitely absorbs the topical. These are best used to target 'problem' spots, externally.

If your intent is to help your dog with an ailment stemming from internal issues, then the best way to give your dog CBD Oil will be through a tincture. This option allows the compound to immediately enter the blood stream. It also allows you to successfully apply large doses if necessary.

Where to Administer CBD Oil most effectively

Oral application is used most commonly. It is best if you are able to apply it right underneath the tongue so it gets absorbed quickest. When applied on the tongue directly, there is risk that your pet licks their mouth and loses some of the dosage. If oral application is not an option, you can apply the oil in the ear canal. Make sure to gently massage the base of the ear. This may cause your dog discomfort but it is a viable option to reach the bloodstream. Lastly, you have the option to administer anally. Make sure to clean your dropper to avoid any contaminations when you put the dropper back in the tincture bottle. Overall, the most effective place to administer the CBD oil is orally, underneath the tongue.

Why Dogs are BarknBig for CBD Oil

The why behind every action, leads to the intent. Your action to better understand CBD oil shows that your intent is to help your pet thrive. CBD Oil has the same intent for your pet as you do. It wants to help your dog's body reach a balance. With all the loads of toxins our pets are exposed to, from the floor they walk on to the food and water they consume, detoxing their body is crucial. Luckily, dogs have extremely resilient systems, but even with resilient systems you should consider yourself fortunate to have a healthy dog when the chances are your dog will more likely than not develop cancer. There are ways that we can use nature, in the form of food and plants to combat the growth of malicious cancer cells.

CBD Oil understands your dog internally more than you do. By the time you understand what is going on in your dog, there may be visible symptoms, which means the issue could be more developed.  Preventative administration of CBD Oil can nurture your dog to health before the visible evidence is presented. 

Dogs have pain receptors, just like us. The difference is their tolerance to the pain and how they manifest the pain. We are, most of the time, unable to detect our pets are in pain. It is recommended to use CBD, ongoing, as a pain management tool.

Dogs are always active, if not physically, mentally. The inability to satisfy your dog mentally can lead to destructive behaviors and in some cases neurotic tendencies. In most cases, this is a chemical imbalance in the dog's brain causing these odd tendencies. Stress and anxiety sources for the dog may not be seen by us unless they show us physical signs. These multiple, minor stressors can lead the dog to releasing an excess of hormones further rooting the neurotic behaviors. CBD Oil will alleviate how your dog interprets these stressors, leading to a happier, stress-free pup.

What we intend for you to gather from this section is an understanding that we do not fully comprehend what our dogs try to tell us. But, we can only try to analyze what we know. Only the bond we develop over time with our companions will warn us of the ugly signs of disease and cancer. Listen to your intuition. When it comes to your dog, you are connected with them and that is the most important piece of information. It's not information typed on a piece of paper, not signed by a medical professional, not endorsed by business. It is information you gather from being connected with your pet, the same way CBD works in your dog's body. It knows the body and can help detect and fight the malicious cells. But for that to happen, you must be astute as a pet parent and act, when action is necessary. Think of it this way, you may be following your keen awareness as a pet parent right now that has led you to the point of reading this article. This may be your necessary step of action. 

Please feel free to contact us about questions and concerns. We want to hear about unique stories and how CBD oil has effected your dog. If you use the CBD oil for pain or for anxiety or you want to document the changes you have seen in result of buying CBD oil for your dog, we would love to hear about it. Look for a Q&A page to come as we encounter more frequently asked questions about the products we offer like the CBD products we offer.

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