Beef Bully Stick Liver Lick 7-9" - 20ct. Refill Bag

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Reuse your Liver Lick Display Barrels and purchase Refill Bags.

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BarknBig's New Line of Liver Licks! These unique products elevate the natural chew category by using a coating of 100% pure Beef Liver. By adding this beautiful coating of Beef Liver to the Beef Bully Stick, dogs will be intrigued by it's smell, it's texture and what it tells the brain to do. Once the dog starts to lick on the liver, they immediately are drawn to the taste creating an effect that keeps the dog chewing on the product even after the Liver is licked clean off!

There are numerous health benefits to organ meats making this a prime candidate for pet parents that are looking for multi-purpose natural chews. Give these a try and enjoy watching your 2 legged customers excited with the innovation and your 4 legged customers salivate with excitement!

Ingredients: Beef Bully Stick, Beef Liver

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